Church Is No Longer Church As Usual

There are extraordinary things happening in the world today. The hand of God is upon the earth as never before. If we look closely, perhaps we might be able to see moves as it happened during the "exodus" and in the "wilderness." What is really happening in this age? First, we must identify the is the Messianic age...the age of Jesus, the Messiah. Before his first coming, there was a forerunner by the name of John the Baptist. His message to Israel was "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" Ironically, the same message is resounding from heaven again. Just as there was a refreshing that took place at that time, so is it taking place now. Acts 3:19-21 is the prophetic word of the Lord that is in the earth today.

Come join us as we study to know more about our Jewish Messiah and to reestablish the Messianic community intended by Yeshua (Jesus) and His emissaries (apostles). We believe this will please the Father...

Grace and Shalom,
Pastors Gladys & Ivan Seahorn